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Coil-Mate is a miniature quick-change coil device designed primarily for solid - state induction heating systems.

Re-Coil Terminal Block Assemblies
(Standard & Heavy Duty)
Tigair Saw

The Tigair reciprocating saw is used in rescue, contruction, maintenance, underwater and production applications.

Flow Switch

Flow Actuated Switches are specifically produced to accomodate your application.

Brazing, Annealing

Brazing, Annealing, etc. We use a direct localized induction heating process

Vacuum Tweezer

Vacuum Tweezer is a device used to handle electronic and other small components

Dyna-Flux is a solid-state 25 kilowatt induction heating system ideally suited for heat treating, annealing and brazing operations.

L.C. Miller Mobile Induction Heating Station is designed to perform a multitude of induction heating operations for production and research applications.

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Dyna-Flux V, is an innovative 5.0 kw solid-state Induction System for science and industry.
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Our new product is a  turn-key, induction heating system designed by L.C. Miller Company for use in chemical analysis operations.

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Water Cooled Coaxial Cable is attached to an Induction Heating Machine. This is an ideal use of the cable where the work to be performed is located some distance from the machine.
RoboTherm™ Series is a production computer-controlled induction heating series.