L.C. Miller Flow Actuated Switches

L.C. Miller Flow Actuated Electrical Switches are unique in the field of flow controls.  Our switches are not a standard shelf item, but are specifically produced to accommodate your application.  The flow switches are maintenance free in lines from 1/16" to 12' or larger.

L.C. Miller switches are:

  • RELIABLE - Simple mechanical device.  Movement and friction are quite minute, giving longer life with accurate repetition.
  • POSITIVE - Properly designed, there is nothing to interfere with the action,.  A change in flow conditions mandates the proper response from our switches.
  • CAPABLE - Designed for your application with minimal pressure drop, our switches are completely field adjustable, available in any electrical rating desired, any type of connection, most in explosion and non-explosion proof models.
  • FUNCTIONAL - Based upon the principles of direct actuation by the flow of the pipe or duct media such as liquids, gasses, slurries, fine powers, etc., our switches will reliably indicate any change in flow conditions.

These switches are sold under the name Peeco and distributed by:

Northeast Controls, Inc.
123 Pleasant Avenue
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Tel: (201) 327-7660
Fax: (201) 327-3242
E-mail: sales@peecoflowswitch.com
Web: www.peecoflowswitch.com
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