Tigair Saw

Saw Specifications - Operational Features
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Portable Reciprocating Saw

The TIGAIR SAW® reciprocating air saw is used in industrial and emergency service application. It is ideal for cutting many different types of material such as metal, plastic, fiberglass, dry wall, cement, and wood. This saw is in effective conformance to the directive and standard.

 Specifications: U.S. System Metric
Weight 5.58 lbs. 2.531 The saw's light weight makes it suitable for one hand use if necessary
Size 1.625" W 4.128 cm W The saw can be used in confined spaces because of it's small size
5.750" H 14.605 cm H
16.000" L 40.640 cm L
Hose Size .375" .953cm Standard 3/8" hose size is recommended
Strokes per min. 0 to 1200 0 to 1200 Can easily be adjusted during operations to maintain any speed from stop to 1200 strokes per minute.
Stroke Length 1.750" 4.445 cm Twin piston power provides for continuous smooth power during forward and rearward stroke
Air Consumption 6.5 cu. ft .182 cu m The saw can utilize air from any source capable of generating 6.5 cu. feet of air per minute.
Air pressure 90-110 psi. 6 to 7.333 bars The saw operates at its best with 90 to 110 psi.
Blade .500" H 1.270 cm H The saw uses standard hacksaw, sectional band or modified reciprocating saw blades.
.025 to .035 T .0635 cm to .0899 cm T
Standards OSHA   The saw meets OSHA standards
Approval Gov't   Federal Government National Stock Number 5130-01-0540737 CAGE Code for L.C. Miller Co. 09260
Conformity   Hand-Held Non-Electric Power Tools - Safety Requirements. Part 12: Small Circular, Small Oscillating and Reciprocating Saws, EN 792-12:2000
 Operational Features:
Cutting efficiency Maximum cutting efficiency is on the back stroke. By cutting on the back stroke, the saw creates greater stability, because it is not pushing the work away. This characteristic helps eliminate vibration. However, the saw will cut with teeth facing either direction and in an upward or downward position.
Self-lubrication The saw and blade are self-lubricating. This safety feature facilitates cutting and enhances the non-sparking characteristic of the saw. 
Submersible The saw is a true all weather and condition tool. It can be safely used under fresh or salt water, fire retardant foam, oil, mud, slurries and hazardous material. 
Non-vented areas The saw can be used in non-vented areas without fear of poisoning, carbon monoxide asphyxiation and oxygen displacement by carbon dioxide because it does not emit noxious fumes or carbon dioxide.
Quiet operation The saw is surprisingly quiet because of its silencer sleeve.
Blade length The saw needs only two inches of blade or less protruding beyond the nose piece when the blade is fully retracted.
Blade changing Only two set screws need to be loosened or tightened to remove or install a blade.
Diving adapter A special diving adapter that diverts the exhaust air bubbles to a hose and away from the diver's field of vision for prolonged undersea operations is available.
Air hose length The saws operating performance is not affected by the length of the air hose.

The TIGAIR SAW® will do the job safely and efficiently. If additional information is needed please call, e-mail or fax your inquiries to us.