Ultrasonic Machining

L.C. Miller Company has the capability of machining non-conductive and exotic materials. We can machine glass, silicon and many exotic materials.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

L C Miller Company has many years of experience in Electrical Discharge Machining applications. Electrical Discharge Machining is especially useful on hard metals that are difficult to cut. We have the flexibility to be competitive on both large and small quantity orders.



Removal of Taps, Easy Outs, Broken Bolts, Drills or Screws

L C Miller Company can remove taps, easy outs, bolts, drills, and screws without damaging the item. We created and patented the technique of reverse threading using Electrical Discharge Machining. 

Materials and Applications Consulting for Induction Generators and Heaters

L.C. Miller Company can evaluate the materials you are working with and your application to assist you in developing solutions to your problems and provide a turn key system for your induction brazing and heating needs. 

Product Development & Design

L.C. Miller's staff can provide expert consultation and design services for your company's requirements.  We will analyze your application and confer with you to provide a solution.