LC Miller Re-Coil Terminal Block Assembly 5157-A

Further versatility of the Miller Re-Coil* design is shown by this new terminal block assembly.

The coil is designed to enable induction brazing, soldering, or heat treating to be performed on simple or complex assemblies where the parts cannot be placed within the induction coil due to enlarged sections, preventing removal from the coil.

This method provides a fast, easy, re-usable method of induction heating in areas where previously, "throwaway'' or "one-time" coils were used.

The two coils are electrically in "parallel". Each coil should have the same configuration so as to be electrically equal and balanced. Otherwise, uneven heating will result.

The holes for attaching the work coil to the mounting bars are drilled to a depth of 1-1/4 inches. This depth allows for some adjustment of location for the coil. The various tube hole diameters available are listed below.

To install, locate the coil ends in the holes of the mounting bars to the desired depth. Then, silver braze or soft solder to the mounting bars.

The two individual coils are placed around the part with one No. 2023 "O" ring between each mounting bar. This seals the water passage between the two bars. The mounting bars are then positioned in the Miller Re-Coil Terminal and clamped together.

The water valves are opened and the part is ready to be heated.

*TRADE MARK PAT. NO. 2,866,880

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 "T" DIM.
 "B" DIM. 

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