LC Miller Re-Coil Model Number 140

mdl14a.gif (7560 bytes) Model 140 Re-Coil will fit Therm-Monic Series "A" and "B" Induction Heaters. Adapter blocks are available for Series "C" Induction Heaters. Terminal Block Assemblies 5181-A, 5185-A, 5191-A and Coaxial Cable Assembly R-20-S will fit Model 140 Re-Coil.

(Does not include work coil and terminal block assembly)

Model 140 H Re-Coil is used on induction heaters having a high impedance output, or where the work coil is placed directly in the tank circuit.

Terminal Block Assemblies 5181-H, 5185-H, 5191-H and Coaxial Cable Assembly R-20-HS will fit Model 140 H Re-Coil.

(Does not include work coil and terminal assembly)

Low impedance work coils for Model 140 Re-Coil may be used on Model 140 H Re-Coil by use of Adapter Assembly 5127 A.

TRADE NAME PAT. NO. 2,866,880
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